From consulting clients and developing initial ideas and concepts to managing all facets of projects, my experience has prepared me to excel as a freelancer. That’s why I believe I can be of great help with the execution of your projects. My expertise includes:

  • Creation of marketing and promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, logos for both print and online media 
  • Setup of digital marketing campaigns (html mailings, SEO, social media, google analytics, etc)
  • Organization of your events (tradeshows, partner or press events, etc)
  • Creation of your website
  • Development of animated PowerPoint/Keynote presentations
  • Distribution and follow up of press clippings

With my comprehensive experience in graphic design and marketing support, coupled with my enthusiasm and dedication to helping clients achieve success, I am certain you will find my skills and talents to be of value. 

Digital Marketing Campaigns

internet marketing, email marketing, web strategy, content strategy, channel strategy, social media, SEO, SEA, analytics, etc

Video Editing

creating dynamic, impactful videos that are easy to digest and are entertaining and engaging

Promotional Deliverables

creation of marketing and promotional materials for print and online - such as flyers, brochures, display materials, newsletters, html-mailings, etc

Graphic Design

design and concept development of brand and products, marketing and promotional materials - print and online

Event Organization

& Communication

A-Z organization and coordination of your events such as corporate events, personnel events, tradeshows etc.

Press Clippings

collecting all press clippings and reporting on digital PR campaigns, nicely presented in an online coverage book and/or printable PDF document

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